A Special Shout Out to Bill Boots

Hi, Bill! 

Our young friend and the parents absolutely LOVED the video you created! Originally, I had planned to show it to them in Pre-Op, though the team was quite speedy in administering the pre-med and transferring our friend to the operating room. We watched it together the following morning in the PICU and they especially LOVED the magic trick! I was instructed to rewind the video a couple times during this portion so they could watch it multiple times.

Amazingly, the family was discharged one day after the surgery, though remained nearby at the Children’s House for precautionary reasons. The mom shared that they watched the “clown show” several more times and shared it with friends and family.

I am so grateful you were able to create this, and sincerely appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you placed in it. It’s no secret to me how beneficial humor and silliness are in a child’s coping with hospitalization. Healthy Humor clown visits are justifiably a routine and necessary component in our patients’ coping.

I know we’re doing something right when a child tells their parents they are “excited to see the clowns in Baltimore.”

Thank you for your enthusiasm, thank you for your kindness, thank you for your partnership…and most of all, thank you for ceaseless support!”


Crissie Traugott, M.Ed., CCLS  |  Child Life Specialist
Child Life Volunteer Coordinator
Pediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and Outpatient Neurology