Story from the Virtual Floor – Dr. Chester Drawers

Dr. Ya Don’t Say! and I performed last Friday. Our first visit was with a frequent flyer (oncology patient) we had visited with the week before. This friend always asks who styles my hair. 

We had a lot of fun with Dr. Ya Don’t Say!’s toupee and had a fashion show with the wigs. One wig had so much hair that it covered Dr. Ya Don’t Say!’s whole head, and our friend said that he looked like Judge Judy.  He had our friend laughing really hard!

We did a few awful magic tricks. Our frequent flyer, of course, figured them out quickly and called us out on them. We played a few word games our young friend made up, and then we played hide and seek.  Our Frequent Flyer lay flat on the bed so they were out of the screen, while Dr. Ya Don’t Say! and I ran out of our screens.  Max (our in-hospital helper) was it and had to find us. Very fun.

-Dr. Chester Drawers